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Letter Sweaters

Best in Award Sports Apparel

You'll stand out in a letter sweater made by Art Knitting Mills!

We continue the time honored tradition of Varsity Letter Sweaters. We produce the finest styled pullover varsity letter sweaters, and button-down cardigan letter sweaters. Our sweaters are soft to the touch and are made to your exacting specifications.

Shoulder striping is available as an option for both the cardigan and pullover sweaters. We've been serving southeastern Michigan schools since 1930. Our attention to quality and craftsmanship is reminiscent of days long gone by, after all, that's what tradition is all about! Our sweaters are offered in 100% fine worsted wool and all school colors are available.

Varsity Athletic Apparel

Our letter sweaters and varsity sweaters are ideal for school sport teams, private schools, academies, social and academic clubs, cheerleading squads and, other institutions and organizations. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, each sustom made letter sweater will be made to match your exact specifications, whether you are adding a varsity letter or a corporate logo.

Letter Sweaters are for Anyone

Yes letter sweaters are for girls too and you'll feel warm, feminine and graceful in a letter sweater from Art Knitting Mills. Choose a cardigan or pull-over style sweater. Both are perfect to show off high school athletic and music awards. We also create personalized ladies college sweaters. Choose your school's colors, or your personal favorite color combination. Bold strips on the sleeve will proudly proclaim your achievements.

50s Style Letter Sweaters

Stand out at your reunion in a 50s style letter sweater from Art Knitting Mills. Or how about a high school letter sweater for those oldie but goodie dances. Whether you were a jock, a cheerleader, or even the class nerd you'll be cool in a letter sweater from Art Knitting Mills. Our letter sweaters are vintage style with two pockets and stripes on one or both sleeves. We will custom design your sweater in the colors of your school, your organization, club, or your fraternity or sorority.