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Custom Embroidery

Digitizing, Logo Design, and More

We specialize in custom embroidered chenille letters and patches, direct embroidery on varsity jackets and letter sweaters, digitizing,monograms, logo design, appliques, and varsity award letters.

Custom Embroidery Services

We deliver premium quality embroidery art work using state of the art embroidery tools and digitizing technology to ensure the highest quality work each and every time. Whether you want regular embroidery or chenille, monogramming, direct embroidery, or custom designed patches, we do it all. Our embroiderers and digitizers are skilled artisans who provide our customers with exquisite embroidery.

We combine decades of experience with the latest technologies to create superior custom embroidered apparel.

Logo Design Services

Our talented graphic artists work with clients to produce eye-catching designs. If you have custom artwork or a corporate logo, our artisans can digitize it into the design of your dreams in no time. From logos and emblems, to full scale pictures, our designers are the best! All the jackets and designs you see on our web site were made by Art Knitting Mills.

Chenille Award Letters, Patches, and Emblems

Promote your awards, company, school, team, club or organization with custom embroidered chenille patches made by Art Knitting Mills. Our custom designed patches are a cut above the rest. We offer experienced digitizing service for emblems, pictures, corporate logos and fine monogramming.